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zero Ω is a web3 marketing agency built to help scale your blockchain business. Our team is composed of industry veterans, marketing experts, brilliant creatives, and passionate crypto advocates.

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Navigating the Frontier
of Web3 Marketing

Your success is our success. zero Ω believes in forging partnerships that last. Expand your business growth horizon with a dedicated, true marketing integration.

Business Growth

No matter where your business or brand is, zero Ω will help you scale it to new heights. Our results-driven approach translates directly into our collaborate diligence and your novel success.

Marketing Strategy

zero Ω prioritizes first understanding your business goals, brand mission, and industry nuances to craft the perfect marketing strategy. Our team is sharp, agile, and well versed in every aspect of web3 marketing, with dedicated department leaders.

Content Optimization

zero Ω’s full creative studio will support your brand’s content pipeline, media generation efforts, & design marketing. Graphic design, graphic animation, video production, media curation… you name it, our content experts can handle it.

Our Services

Zero-Omega Marketing has a number of services to enhance your business.

Marketing Strategy

The best way to start your company’s marketing operation is by designing a strategy that makes sense for your product or service and your target market’s preferences. Creating bulletproof marketing strategies is our bread and butter.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important marketing channels for your brand’s discoverability and the long-term success of your business. The old adage goes, “if they can’t find you on Google, you don’t exist…”

Paid Media

Paid media, as we define it, includes not only digital advertising, but also paid media placements like PR or public figure advertising. Leveraging the suitable paid media platforms based on where an audience is active is a zero Ω specialty.

Social Marketing

Your brand’s voice deserves to be heard and thanks to social networks, you can reach audience members by the millions. zero Ω has extensive experience managing social profiles on X, Meta, TikTok, & Farcaster – including finessing those algorithms we all love/hate.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be one of the most effective marketing channels when managed correctly. Web3 key opinion leaders (KOLs) are capable of attracting new audience members to your brand and starting a social movement that makes waves for your company!

Content Production

Photo, video, graphic design and animation, and written media is a cornerstone for running a successful marketing operation. Taking raw media and turning it into ready-to-digest content is key to maximizing reach and conversion events.

Email Marketing

As an owned marketing channel, email can be an incredibly powerful way to connect with, educate, & engage your most loyal audience members. Our team of specialists prioritizes subscriber list growth, sequence optimization, and stellar campaign design.

Website and App Development

zero Ω has a robust and nimble development team that works hand-in-hand with our design creatives to produce high caliber websites with a focus on UI/UX and conversion optimization. Our web3 site developers can also integrate common blockchain tools for your website.

Why Us?
Web3 Trusted Since 2018
In the dynamic world of web3, your community isn't just an audience; it's the heartbeat of your project. zero Ω has growth Engineered 100M Impressions on social media and generated $15M in launch revenue. Our web3 agency specializes in creating strategies that propel blockchain brands and businesses to the next level with sustainable results.
Always on Top
Become A Trailblazer & Build Your Web3 Legacy.
At zero Ω, we're your one-stop solution for scaling your Web3 business. Our expertise spans SEO optimization to ensure top search engine rankings, engaging content creation, and bespoke marketing strategies tailored to the blockchain space. Partner with us to unlock sustainable growth and make a lasting impact in the digital world.
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
Founder & CEO of Altura

zero Ω is truly an impressive marketing partner and one that is highly reliable. The team is agile, creative, and executes with a high degree of expertise. David's leadership, strategic vision, and marketing experience are powerful for any web3 or crypto brand looking to grow sustainably.

Co-Founder & COO of Altura

My experience working zero Ω was excellent and the team was responsive and quick to act. They value a data-driven approach to marketing and infuse creative spirit into their content and marketing strategy. I would strongly recommend them for any blockchain brand in need of more marketing firepower.

Founder and Dev of PINGU

zero Ω’s team revitalized my project and from day 1, the team injected new life into our marketing operation. They handled our content strategy, graphic design, marketing channels, and KOL management professionally and expertly. Just all around super creative marketing guys.

Web3 KOL & Educator

zero Ω did multiple videos with me in 2024 and they were incredible. They’re easy to work with, they produce high quality long-form videos, and the turnaround time was very quick. If you’re creating any type of content I highly recommend working with zero Ω

Cryptocurrency KOL

Working with zero Ω has been nothing short of phenomenal. They’re web3 veterans that really understand what’s going on in the crypto space. Their video editing skills are next-level, and when I'm having problems on a certain platform, they coach me on what to do. Truly marketing experts. 

Web3 Gaming Influencer

I needed help with a video that demanded a quick turnaround time. zero Ω was more than capable of helping me out and my sponsor really liked the video a lot. If you’re looking for a team that is fast, consistent, and willing to put extra effort into projects, you won’t be let down by zero Ω


How does your web3 marketing agency integrate with our team?
zero Ω integrates seamlessly with your team and is familiar with near every tech stack. It will feel like you hired our team in-house and be a frictionless co-op.
How expensive is your web3 marketing agency's services.
We cannot estimate pricing for your business’s web3 marketing needs–each strategy and service model we build is custom-craft for our partners.
What time zone does your web3 marketing agency operate?
zero Ω covers 8am EST to 8pm PST daily and our team is highly responsive. If we need to burn a little midnight oil, we never complain.
What areas of web3 & Blockchain marketing does Zero Ω specialize in?
With web3 marketing experience dating back to 2018, zero Ω has serviced stablecoin businesses, web3 gaming companies, crypto key opinion leaders, and many more blockchain ventures.
Why is it important to find a web3 marketing expert for my blockchain business?
The crypto and blockchain audience requires a specialized marketing and messaging approach best handled by a web3 veteran.
Why should I trust your web3 Marketing Agency instead of others?
We ask you not judge us based on the number of our success stories, but on the number of our partners we have let down… zero!
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